What Does A Director Of Engineering Really Do?

Jamie Rogers


Jamie Rogers: So as a Director of Engineering, what does that mean? What do you do here?

Roman Alekseev: I would say I’m helping the team, the Engineering team, to achieve our goals. And also, I’m helping with the processes of day-to-day tasks and defining the goals, managing people trying to work not only with the team but also with every individual in the team. Make sure that everybody is happy in the team, make sure they grow as an Engineer. I would say just helping the team to achieve something bigger and build the good software, which is not buggy on one hand and performance on the other hand. So, something like this.

Jamie Rogers: Okay. So, your kind of balancing out the quality of what’s work and probably the pressures of we needed it yesterday.

Roman Alekseev: Yes, of course. On the other hand, sometimes you need really to push back the features that our management team wants it yesterday.