Top Tips For Standing Out In An Interview

Ryan Walker


Want to know how to deliver that cutting edge in an interview? How to stand out against the crowd- or in this case, other interview applicants?

Ryan Walker, Darwin’s DevOps Specialist introduces his twelve-step Candidate Success Plan. He advises to achieve this you have to STRATEGISE. Incorporating a plan to commit to training so that your skill set will better suit the role will impress an interviewer, and prove you’re driven.

If you’re wondering how to see more success from your interviews then you MUST watch this video- and look out for more videos on this subject to come!


Ryan: How are we doing, guys. Ryan here from Darwin Recruitment. I am the DevOps I want to say expert, but I’m the specialist here, so I want to jump on here because summer is now coming to an end. You’ve got the quiet time, people will start to recruit again people will start posting jobs again. And of course, COVID is now starting to die off a little bit as well. Fingers crossed.

Now, I wanted to do this video because everyone’s going to start hiring again, there’s going to be a few bits and pieces that I’m going to go through with you right now, it’s really going to make you feel a little bit more comfortable. If you want to look for another job. You’re going to go for these positions, especially high-value positions, especially with my field DevOps, but in different fields as well. So you’re going to go up against about four or five, six different people at the same time. You’re going to have to have a little bit of an advantage, a little bit of a cutting edge over everyone else.

Now, one of the main things I like to do it as a strategy. I call it the twelve-step candidate success plan. It’s cheesy, but it works. And one of the things that I put into plan there is how to actually stand out in a job interview. How do you stand out compared to everyone else? Now you’ve gone into an interview with six or seven different people. You’re going in there with just your usual sort of stuff. So how do you stand out from the rest?

One of the big main things that I advise to the candidates that I put forward for jobs is creating a plan. It’s a thirty, sixty, ninety-day plan. Now, if you go in there prepared with this plan, you’re going stand out more than the rest. You’re just going to be head and shoulders above them. So in the first thirty days, you’re gonna devise a plan to say, I’m going do this training and get used to it. And then sixty days, you’re going do this and then ninety days you’re going to do this. Now, you present that to an interview, and the hiring manager is going to be extremely impressed because he’s going to take the risk away from him hiring you because you understand and you know what you’re doing, you know what you’re up to, and you know what to do in the job itself. Now that’s one of the main strategies, I like to give to people and give to my candidates. It’s part of the twelve-step process, that I’ve already discussed below, and discussed previously.

So another part of that process is negotiating, negotiating your salary how do you know how to negotiate, how to take the risk away from negotiating salary and not get denied at the last hurdle. How to find your ideal recruiter. You might not want to use us. Don’t understand why you don’t want to use us because we are awesome. But if you don’t how to find your ideal recruiter. And also how to not have the job being taken away at the very last moment when you’re in your notice period. This is all part of the twelve-step candidate success plan.

I’m going to go through it in a little bit more detail later in a few videos. But if you want to know more, click on the link below in the comments, or just type in yes or I want it and I will send you it through DMs or through email. And then you can actually find out what it’s all about. So we’re here to help you guys get your jobs, get your successes, get you loads of money, and other good things for you to have a comfortable life. So guys it’s been an absolute pleasure and I’ll catch up with you in the next video.

See you later.