Frontend Engineer

Frontend Engineer.

Frontend Engineer



CHF100000 - CHF140000 per annum





Embark on a Frontend Tech Lead Odyssey: Chart the Course of Innovation!

Your Epic Voyage:

Prepare to set sail on an electrifying adventure as a seasoned Tech Lead, where you will be the mastermind behind our groundbreaking frontend landscape, steering the ship of innovation. Your mastery of breathing life into web frontends with React, Javascript, Typescript, and Tailwind will be the wind in our sails. Collaborate intimately with our design virtuosos to sculpt intuitive UIs for our cutting-edge systems. Plunge into the depths of defining interfaces with backend sorcerers and revolutionize our testing realm with Playwright and Jest. Join our dynamic crew and be a pivotal force at every stage of the agile development process - from the exhilarating envisioning and planning to the adrenaline-pumping thrill of testing and release.

Qualities We Seek in Our Adventurers:

  • Forge your legacy with a solid educational background (ETH, UNI, FH, HF) or an equivalent training odyssey.
  • Showcase your battle scars with a proven track record, particularly wielding the weapon of React.
  • Unleash the power of your exceptional analytical skills and meticulous work approach.
  • Speak the languages of collaboration fluently in both German and English.
  • Bring a storm of passion for teamwork, an insatiable hunger for continuous development, and a proactive, quality-focused mindset.
  • Bonus points if you possess the arcane knowledge of Git and the sorcery of Scrum; ASP.NET and C# proficiency are your secret spellbook.

Why Join the Adventure with Us:

  • Secure your legacy on a career voyage with a globally renowned market leader.
  • Thrive in an atmosphere of camaraderie within our buzzing international hive.
  • Revel in a culture of appreciation and collaborative team dynamics that ignite sparks of creativity.
  • Conquer a role teeming with challenges, where each day unveils new responsibilities and discoveries.
  • Channel your talents into shaping the technological frontier, right in the heart of the innovation hub - Switzerland.
  • Unlock a treasure chest of competitive, market-based compensation and revel in top-notch infrastructure.
  • Navigate the seas of work-life balance with flexible hours, including the magic wand of working from home.
  • Dive into a treasure trove of diverse training and continuous education opportunities.

If you're ready to embark on a thrilling odyssey, navigating uncharted territories of technology, seize the opportunity now to join our dynamic crew. Shape the future with us, and let your talents set sail on the seas of innovation! The adventure awaits-apply today and become a legend in the world of tech!

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Darwin Recruitment AG manages client relationships whilst also utilising Darwin Professional Staffing Group databases and networks to source Candidates and fulfil client requests.

We do not ask for a placement fee from Candidates/Employees.

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