4 Biggest Issues Faced by AI Businesses When Hiring

Jo Stephens


What if I could give you a personal insight to the 4 biggest problems faced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) businesses when hiring?

Or better yet, tell you how I can help you overcome them?

I recently got in contact with some clients of mine and asked them about the biggest issues they face when hiring.

My role is to make hiring easier for you.

Let’s get into it:

1. Companies interview to hire ratio is very high

Some businesses had held as many as 60 first interviews before making an offer, wasting huge amounts of time.

We take the time to meet at the beginning of the process to fully understand the requirements and expectations of your company, so we can diligently pre-screen.

It’s important to be able to identify the top few candidates before the interviews begin.

I focus on only giving you the best CV’s.

My CV to placement ratio with my best clients is around 6:1, which leads to a potential 90% reduction in first interviews taking place, decreasing your interview to hire ratio.

2. Finding JavaScript Developers with the right background and interests is difficult

AI has predominantly been a field reserved for Python and R Developers, but recently JavaScript Developers have been experimenting with Machine Learning using tools such as tensorflow.js

However, the real value that JavaScript Developers add within data-driven businesses, is the ability to visualise data effectively. Great data-visualisations allow businesses to better understand the insights that their Data Scientists provide.

My network includes a number of developers who specialise in building powerful data-visualisations using D3.js.

I also represent a number of developers who’ve worked on AI-driven Chatbots; an area more businesses are exploring and using in innovative ways.

This means I can help you find the right JavaScript Developer with the right background and interests.

3. There’s a lack of applications from Senior Developers

There is a shortage of experienced JavaScript Developers with most applications coming from Junior Developers.

The best developers are not actively applying for new roles.

As the first JavaScript Recruiter in North Germany to focus fully on supporting AI businesses, I’ve had a head start on building a network of candidates with a specific interest in the field.

I’ve managed to build strong relationships with these candidates as many frequently attend Darwin Recruitment’s Meetups and Webinars.

This allows me to introduce my clients to developers who’re only passively looking and are unlikely to apply to job adverts.

I can also advise companies on what they need to offer in order to attract the best developers.

4. Developers worry about the ethics of the data industry

There have been big debates over the ethics of AI.

For example, if something goes wrong in the machine, who is to blame?

There is an issue of responsibility of who holds it if the machine makes a mistake, since the machine can’t be blamed.

Another issue is transparency.

This is where a machine has made a decision, but it’s difficult to unpick the causes behind a specific course of action.

So, there is a need to determine accountability.

To read more on the ethics of the Data Industry, read Joe’s article here, where he offers a deeper exploration.

In order to help Developers overcome their concerns about some of these issues, I take the time to fully understand each business I represent.

This allows me to give each developer a transparent introduction to each business and to make sure they’re on board with the product, before starting the interview process.

If you need help hiring for your business, please do not hesitate to get in contact.